Our unit was built and is maintained to internationally accepted standards of quality to provide catering and other services to the world's airlines.
Building work started on 1st June 2007 and the unit opened its doors to the first airline customer KLM, on October 28th 2008. Unit area is approx 6000 sq metres and is designed to produce up to 15.000 meals per day to scheduled, charter and VIP flights. We also provide Aircraft Cabin Cleaning, full Laboratory services and terminal Lounge Services services.

Currently we provide services to:

  • Emirates Airlines

  • Qatar Airways

  • Lufthansa

  • Kenya Airways

  • Egyptair

  • Saudia

  • Air Djibouti

  • Walya Airways

  • Zemen Airways

  • National Airways

  • Abyssinia Flight Services

  • Trans Nation

  • VIP and Charter services



Own water treatment plant. 100 cubic metre back-up tank with supply for a minimum of 3 days. We Have 3 independent generators totaling a capacity of 2.6 Giga Watt. All computer servers are equipped with UPS.

We have a compressor plan for all cold rooms and freezers linked to a heat/gas exchanger for producing hot water. Air conditioning and ventilation systems are interlinked to produce more hot water. All rooms have individual temperature settings except for Production which is set to a maximum of 16c.

As back up we have 3 independent generators with a 2.6 gigawatt capacity.


Highly secure environment fitted with state-of-the-art security equipment. Biometric finger-print access to secure areas, and CCTV monitoring of both internal and external facilities.

Fully secure Computer Centre. We use latest information technology operational on and off line. Much of our cooling and storage equipment is fully computer managed for efficiency and to ensure continuous performance.

Waste disposal managed by sealed vacuum waste disposal system from each area to a sealed container in a chilled area. All sewage is sent to an eco-friendly plant that converts waste water to clean which is used on our gardens.

Laboratory capable of performing all the necessary microbiological testing capabilities on food and environmental samples as well as water and food samples to our facility and interested facilities that are engaged in the food manufacturing and service industries in the region. Certification of manufacturing and service establishments, attesting to exceptional hygiene and quality standards, is believed to  help boost customer confidence as well as give a sharp competitive edge in this highly sensitive industry. Trained personnel manage HACCP procedures throughout the unit.

Ample storage refrigerators and freezers which are computer controlled. Dry food product and airline equipment is stored separately with pallet and de-mountable shelving all controlled by a computerized inventory management system linked to production.

The kitchen and bakery are fitted with all the very latest and efficient cooking and baking equipment capable of producing the highest quality of fresh food and bakery products.

We have invested in 9 Mercedes Hi-loaders with Dole uplift systems which enable us to meet all the current capacity requirements of Addis International Airport and aircraft.

Two large conveyor flight dishwashers as well as an airline cart washer clean and sterilize all off-loaded items to the highest standard of hygiene.

Our dispatch area has adequate bays for delivery, flight off-load and uplift and we have a fleet of Mercedes / Dole Hi-loaders.

Delivering Quality to Africa and the World


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